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The Luminary

Start conversations and help others bring their stories into the light.

The Luminary

Set up your conversation

Who do you want to talk to?

This is a great opportunity for your to get to know someone in your community better! This may be a little less casual than “grabbing coffee” but will be a much more fruitful conversation.

What’s the context?

Help set expectations for your conversation by sharing the context of the project ahead of time. This will make sure you are all on the same page when it’s time to talk.

What are the details?

Arrange your day/time and a quiet location to meet. Prepare them for the conversation by sharing the ntro video or sending them to the Luminary Podcast website.

The Luminary


Why should they share?

Get on the same page about the project- explain why you were motivated to have this conversation, you could even share the introductory video. Also make sure to ask if you can record their story.

In what areas of life have they experienced challenges?

Allow some time for you both to look at the the interview aid and talk about the categories, then ask what category their story falls under.

What did they mean by that?

Ask questions! If something doesn’t make sense, or if your are curious about more information, just ask. This can help guide their storytelling.

school work activities priorities calling health finances circumstances family romantic friends relationships sexuality ethnicity Identity abilities politics culture worldview community


Print out this tool and use it as a guide for your conversations.

The Luminary


What is most important?

Listen through the conversation and make note of what parts were most salient. Think about the overall story that is being told, and always check whether your clips makes sense. Ask yourself what made the biggest impression on you? What seemed most important to them?

What should the podcast episode sound like?

15 minutes is a good time to aim for the final cut. If you have audio editing software, you can cut the audio and stitch together the most relevant parts of the interview.

Um, like, huh?

Edit out unwanted noises (coughs, “ums”, etc.), but don’t go overboard! The best conversations are genuine ones.

The Luminary


Can you get a thumbs up?

Once you have finished editing, send the clip to your partner and get their ‘thumbs-up’ for posting it online.

How should you submit your audio file?

Submit it to, including a title, short description and participants. When you submit include both of your emails and full names (this will not be disclosed, but used for any necessary follow-up)